So- i am grateful for learning so much… structural stuff systems stuff…but i really want to do fun crafty stuff like make my own built-in bookcases already!! and stuff like this that turns a house into a home…

good lookin’ youtube… thanks 463 ideas


Storm water management ideas…

raised garden beds… water storage… water filtration… coming out the back door to see..

also saw this cool idea for using garden beds AS a natural filtration system for water…


click the image for more info on this guy’s project…


So a huge reason that earthships are awesome (besides being made of hyper-local, natural, or “waste” materials) is that they are super-insulated keeping a pretty constant ambient temperature… what materials are relatively inexpensive, non-toxic, compatible with codes, eco-friendly, and easily available that i could use to insulate?


i am leaning towards blown-in cellulose… here’s why… a neighbor did it. (isn’t that funny how something like that is usually a determining factor) … anyway, he says that it was simple enough that he and a friend rented the equipment from a hardware store, and completed their house in 3 days, for under $500 (rental included), and he would show me how.

i also looked it up. its often made from recycled newspaper, treated with borate as   a flame retardant (a naturally occurring, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic mineral that is pretty abundant).

Also thinking about  a soy-based closed-cell foam for super tight space around windows, joists, etc. Still must do much more research to find the right one.

Appreciate this r-value insulation table that i found online. i would really like to go with the suggested values for the coldest place with the most expensive heat source (ie. the very bottom row) and then try to double it, or get as close as possible with insulating abundantly, and then air-sealing the cavity with calking, and giving special attention to windows and doors, as well as all the holes in the house, surrounding pipes, outlets etc.

R-Value Chart


Awesome visit to an Earthship in New York state.  Click on any circle to see inside…


Awesome visit to straw bale studios in Southeast Michigan… hmmm…. intriguing…. looking forward to going back and learning more about natural building techniques and materials…could cobb walls + straw bales be used for insulating in the city?

cobb walls

cobb wall at Straw Bale Studios in Oxford MI


Cool solar roofing…



Wow… Walipini… love this idea… imagine the awesomeness if paired with short hugelkultur beds, so there is a regenerative property from the decomposition of trees, and added warmth, and a cleansing of soil and air with the inevitable mycelium growth.



What about heat?!?!

pellet stoves offer some unique benefits… i wonder if they are coupled with really good insulation and a couple other heating elements, this would be a viable option for an environment such as a Michigan winter.


so now i am thinking that several heating elements working in tandem may be the ticket…


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